SOIRÉE is a site dedicated to reviving the "Lost Art of Entertaining,” because hosting really shouldn't be *this* hard.

In other words? It’s your dinner party one stop shop. Your Emily Post, your mother (bless her soul), and your perfectly curated storefront all in one.

SOIRÉE is a site dedicated to changing the way we host. From personalized checklists and timelines to shopping lists and mood boards, we take the stress, confusion, and hundreds of searches, calls, and time-consuming asks out of the process.

In under 10 minutes you can select a theme, send your invites, select a menu, book a venue, order your decor and groceries, schedule your wine delivery, gather RSVPs with your invitees dietary restrictions polled, hire your caterer, florist, or DJ, rent your essentials, and more. SOIRÉE is your hosting helping hand.

Saanya Ali is a storyteller, writer, photographer, hostess, and the founder of SOIRÉE—a site dedicated to making hosting the perfect dinner party easy.

Born in Switzerland to South Asian parents, and having traveled to over 60 countries in her 27 years, she has always been fascinated by the culture, tradition, and uniting nature of food and how a meal, whether shared with a stranger or a friend, has the ability to connect us across language barriers and ideological differences, tell a story, invite a level of vulnerability and openness that might otherwise be hidden, and bring us closer to our histories, roots, and communities.

Moral of the story? She’s a nosy third culture kid who loves food and seeks connection…

After graduating from New York University’s Gallatin School of Individualized Study with a concentration in Mixed Media Storytelling and a focus in Human Rights and Cross-Culturalism, Saanya was hired as a producer at Well+Good, where she later pivoted to working on the editorial, DEI, and brand development teams before leaving in February 2022 to work full-time on SOIRÉE.