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The Not So Out of Pocket Guide To Hosting a Dinner Party on a Budget

So, you want to host a dinner party, but you DON'T want to break the bank? It's honestly not as hard as it seems. We've gathered a few key tips to keep your wallet happy while you host.

Set a budget...and stick to it

Going over the budget you set for yourself when hosting really just means that you're taking out a loan from later you. When you make your plan, make sure to take into account the number of people you'll be hosting, the dietary restrictions of your guests, where you'll be throwing the shindig, what decor and ingredients you already have, what you'll need to buy, what everyone will be sipping on, and add in a bit of wiggle room for unexpected add ons (yes, we all always forget to buy more ice).

Have a potluck pal

Making the dinner potluck style is always an option, but if you don't want to go that far, you could also split the difference. Co-host with a friend so the tasks and expenses are split!

Dine by the deals

Figuring out what to make is no easy feat. Limit your options by checking out what sort of proteins are on sale at your local grocer. The meat or fish dish is usually most expensive, so cutting that cost, even by a little, is a big help.

Try minimalism

Channel your inner Marie Kondo and declutter the unnecessary expenses. Opt for simple, delicious recipes that require fewer ingredients and easy tablescapes that you can DIY with things that you have at home.


Speaking of DIY, get crafty with decorations and table settings. Check out Pinterest for some budget-friendly, DIY party decor ideas, and then get creative! Making the place cards and menus would even make for a fun group activity.

Get thrifty

Thrift stores are your new best friend for tableware and other party essentials. You'll find unique, eclectic pieces that’ll make your party pop without popping your bank account.

Count RSVPs

The biggest face palm moment is when you cook for 20 and are feeding 6. Save money by making sure you know how many people are coming over and how many mouths your recipes are meant to feed.