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10 Wine Pairing Tips To Sneak a Peek at Under the Table

Wine pairing is hard. We're here to make it a little bit easier.

1. Opposites Attract

Pair a bold, full-bodied wine with a delicate dish to create a culinary odd couple that somehow just makes sense.

2. Match the Energy

Ordered something spicy? Tame the heat with a sweeter, lower alcohol wine to balance it out.

3. Acid Trip

If you picked a citrus-y or more acidic dish, try balancing it with a crisp, acidic wine. A good rule of thumb is that the wine should either be sweeter or more acidic than the meal.

4. Fat Chance

Fatty foods need a wine with some punch to cut through. Bitter reds do the job well.

5. That's Cheesy

When it comes to cheese, think about the wine's body. Light wine for light cheese, heavy wine for...well, you get the idea.

6. As Far as the Eye Can Sea

Seafood and white wine go together like peanut butter and jelly, but especially if your lobster is doused in butter, opt for a crisper white for the best flavor contrast.

7. That's so Sweet

Sweet is as sweet does. Pair sweet desserts with an even sweeter sip!

8. Lost in the sauce

When in doubt, pair your wine to the sauce or dressing rather than the protein in a dish.

9. Why so Bitter?

Bitterness in food calls for a wine that's smooth and velvety.

10. 'Tis the Season

Match your wine with the season. Lighter wines in the summer, richer wines in the winter.

There you have it—a cheat sheet to glance at under the table and either wildly confuse your friends or impress your date.